Saturday, 26 October 2019

UAW says it has ratified General Motors contract, ending strike

General Motors hourly workers ratified a new contract with the auto giant on Friday, ending the longest automotive strike in the US in nearly 50 years.

Facebook 'news tab' seeks to reboot its role with media

Facebook on Friday began rolling out its dedicated "news tab" with professionally produced content—the latest move by the social network to promote journalism and shed its reputation as a platform for misinformation.

Rescuers hunt for missing as landslides, floods kill 10 in Japan

Rescuers worked by hand to clear debris from a landslide triggered by heavy rains in central Japan on Saturday, as the toll from the storms rose to 10 dead with a further three people reportedly missing.

Pentagon hands Microsoft $10B 'war cloud' deal, snubs Amazon

The Pentagon awarded Microsoft a $10 billion cloud computing contract , snubbing early front-runner Amazon, whose competitive bid drew criticism from President Donald Trump and its business rivals.

First in-depth study of marine fungi and their cell-division cycles emerges

Marine fungi have long been overlooked in the research community, despite their likely contributions to the health of ocean ecosystems. Now, a first deep dive into the diversity of marine fungi and their cell division cycles has been published by a collaborative team at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL), opening the door on this oft-neglected branch of the Kingdom Fungi.

Researchers identify improved avenues to train plastic surgeons in microsurgery

Microsurgery is an intricate and challenging surgical technique that involves using miniature instruments and sutures as fine as a hair strand aided by sophisticated microscopes. In plastic surgery, microsurgery is used to repair small damaged vessels and nerves following trauma, or in reconstructive procedures by moving a component of living tissue from one place of the body to another and reconnecting its vascular supply to this new region to keep its blood supply.